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Open MRI Specialist

At Diagnostic Imaging of Milford’s state-of-the art facility, located in Milford, Connecticut, our top-rating physicians and technologists are committed to providing patients with the most advanced technology, including open MRI for optimum quality and comfort. Please be aware that MRIs are done only at our Milford location.

Open MRI Q & A

What is an Open MRI?

An open MRI utilizes the same magnetic resonance imaging technology as a traditional MRI to provide detailed internal images of the body. However, our new open model, only available at our Milford location, features a substantially larger vertical opening that provides greater comfort and minimizes the anxiety and claustrophobia that many patients experience with older, tunnel-style MRIs. Our leading-edge, open MRI delivers superior quality images while enabling patients to see outside in nearly all directions during their procedure. This is especially beneficial to larger patients and pediatric patients. MRIs may be ordered by a physician to diagnose a wide range of issues. They can provide high-definition images of muscles, joints, the brain and spine, the abdomen, pelvis, chest and blood vessels.

What Can I Expect During My MRI Procedure?

You will wear a hospital gown, and in addition to clothes, will need to remove jewelry, hearing aids, makeup and nail polish, as they may contain metal. During this completely painless procedure, you will lie on a cushioned table that slides into the MRI machine. It’s important to hold very still, as movement can cause images to be blurred. A technologist will monitor you from another room the entire time via a two-way speaker system. An MRI takes between 45 to two hours, depending on the specific imaging your physician has ordered. In some instances, your physician may order high-contrast imaging, in which case a dying agent called gadolinium will be injected into a vein before the procedure. Unlike contrast solutions used in x-ray exams or computed tomography (CT) scans, gadolinium does not contain iodine and, therefore, is highly unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

Are MRIs Safe?

MRIs are extremely safe. They do not involve any radiation. Instead, an MRI utilizes magnetic fields and radio waves to generate numerous internal images of the body, that a computer then compiles into a 3-dimensional representation. Patients who may be pregnant should inform the MRI technologist before hand. Though there is no known risk of pregnant patients undergoing an MRI procedure, they are typically not advised for pregnant women, unless absolutely necessary.


Please be aware that MRIs are done only at our Milford location.

Participating Insurances

Diagnostic Imaging of Milford accepts all major and most secondary insurances. Patients are expected to bring their insurance card to the office at the time of their examination. Claims are submitted through our billing company, McKesson Corp. For questions regarding patient statements and insurance, patients may call (800) 360-4391. Fees for non-covered services and co-payments are expected at the time of your visit.

*We strongly recommend that patients call our office if their insurance carrier is not listed. Additional insurances are added frequently.

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Words from our patients

  • "The technician that performed my CT Scan, I believe her name was Kristen, was very nice and professional."

  • "I am a retired x-ray tech who worked for 45 years. I was very pleased in the service I received. I thank Carole Rossi and staff. (Keep up good work!)"

  • "Experience so positive that this is the facility (West Haven) I will use and recommend to others in the future. Roxanne was very knowledgeable and accurate!"

  • “I couldn’t be more pleased with the service, appearance and attitudes I encountered. I would definitely recommend your facility to others."

  • "Everything was perfect ---this is a great place to have a procedure – I was in and out in 45 minutes."

  • “Staff went out of their way to make me feel welcomed. She called my doctor’s office after hours because I didn’t have my paperwork.”

  • “It was very easy to drive there as opposed to New Haven. The parking was convenient and the staff great! ‘If’ I had to have another test, I would go to Milford.”

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