Our Office Team


Nicole Scholz, RT R MR, Office Manager

Nicole is a graduate of St Vincent’s with 16 years of radiology experience. Her expertise is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Nicole oversees the day to day operations of the office. She has oversight of accreditations, our vendors, purchasing, and equipment. Nicole ensures we are up to date and compliant for all modalities.

Phone: (203) 878-2341

Email: ns@dimilford.com


Christine Ziniak, RT R M CT, Lead Technologist

Christine is a graduate of St Vincent’s with 26 years of radiology experience with expertise in computerized tomography (CT) scan and mammography. She works very closely with the radiologists and technologists to maintain consistent quality assurance on all procedures. Chris can assist you with procedure questions, types of radiology equipment, and any other technology questions you may have.

Phone: (203) 878-2341

Email: cz@dimilford.com


Jaclyn Laplante, Interventional Coordinator

Jaclyn is experienced in all areas of the front office and specializes in scheduling MRIs, CT Scans, epidural steroid injections, and breast biopsies. She excels at maintaining professional and courteous relationships with all referring physicians' staff and patients. She can assist you with scheduling and interventional procedure questions.

Phone: (203) 878-2341

Email: jll@dimilford.com


Staci Brody,Physician Liaison

Staci has 30 years of experience in the medical field. Her role is to meet with local providers to promote our facility and to ensure outstanding customer service. She keeps referring practices informed of new equipment and offered services. She works closely with our radiologists to build and maintain strong relationships with referring providers.

Phone: (203) 435-5658

Email: sbt@dimilford.com


Mary Lou Szychulski, In Memorium - 2015

Mary will always be with us at DIM, in our minds and our hearts. Our tribute to her is "Mary's Garden", which is visible behind our MRI suite. As Mary was attentive to all around her, we will continue to tend her garden with love.

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