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An estimated 10 million Americans have osteoporosis, while another 44 million suffer from low bone density. Early diagnosis with a DEXA Scan at Diagnostic Imaging of Milford, located in Milford, Connecticut, enables those at risk to get the treatment to slow or stop the progression of osteoporosis. Please be aware that the DEXA Scan is available only at our Milford location.

DEXA Scan Q & A

What is a DEXA Scan and How is it Used?

A DEXA Scan (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) is an x-ray procedure used to test bone density, which is the number of grams of calcium and other bone minerals that are packed into a segment of bone. This test is the only way to accurately determine whether an individual has osteoporosis, a common condition in which bones have lost mass, making them more fragile and prone to breaks and fractures. At Diagnostic Imaging of Milford, we use a state-of-the-art Hologic DEXA unit, which transmits a thin, invisible beam of low-dose x-rays with dual energy peaks through the bones. The amount of radiation used is extremely small and doesn’t remain in the body when the procedure is finished. A DEXA scan is typically performed on the hip and the spine. If for some reason, these areas can’t be tested, the forearm is scanned instead.

What Does the Actual Procedure Entail?

This is a simple, painless procedure that usually takes about 10 minutes. To begin, you will need to remove any items that contain metal, such as jewelry or clothing that has metal zippers, buckles or hooks. Unlike an MRI or CT scan, you won’t need to be closed in a tunnel or ring. Instead, you’ll lie on your back on an open X-ray table, as a large scanning arm slowly passes over your body. It’s important to remain still during the scan to prevent the images from being blurred.

How are the Results of My DEXA Scan Interpreted?

Your scan results are evaluated with two scores: A T-score and a Z-score. The T-score is the deviation of your bone density compared to that of a normal healthy young adult of your gender. The Z-score is the difference between your density and that normally expected for someone who is your age, gender, weight, and has the same ethnic or racial background.


Please be aware that the DEXA Scan is available only at our Milford location.

Participating Insurances

Diagnostic Imaging of Milford accepts all major and most secondary insurances. Patients are expected to bring their insurance card to the office at the time of their examination. Claims are submitted through our billing company, McKesson Corp. For questions regarding patient statements and insurance, patients may call (800) 360-4391. Fees for non-covered services and co-payments are expected at the time of your visit.

*We strongly recommend that patients call our office if their insurance carrier is not listed. Additional insurances are added frequently.

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