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At Diagnostic Imaging of Milford, with locations in Milford, West Haven and North Haven, Connecticut, our experienced physicians, and technologists provide diagnostic x-ray studies to patients, utilizing the most advanced in digital x-ray technology.

Diagnostic X-Ray Studies Q & A

What are Digital X-rays?

Digital x-ray imaging is a game-changer in modern medicine. This breakthrough technology offers a number of advantages over older film x-rays. First, they entail significantly less exposure to radiation. They also offer the advantage of instantly access to superior quality images. These x-ray images can be transmitted to any computer around the world. That means patients no longer need to wait for film to be developed to see if an image is sharp enough for diagnosis. Another benefit, in most instances, if images are overexposed or underexposed they can be digitally corrected, eliminating the need for patients to repeat the procedure. At Diagnostic Imaging of Milford, we use the most advanced digital x-ray equipment available. A digital x-ray procedure uses special digital x-ray sensors instead of photographic film, which is also better for the environment, as no chemicals are used to develop film.

What are X-Rays Used to Diagnose?

X-Ray imaging has been an invaluable tool in medical diagnosis for over a century, and is the most frequently used form of medical imaging. It is the quickest, easiest and least invasive way for a physician to assess a wide range of illnesses and injuries, including broken bones, cancer, blocked arteries, sinus issues, skull damage, spinal problems, kidney stones, digestive tract issues, pneumonia, tuberculosis, infections and inflammation and other abnormalities. X-Rays are also used to monitor the progression of various diseases, such as: osteoporosis and heart disease, and monitor the effectiveness of cancer treatment on tumors.

Are X-Rays Safe?

Today’s digital x-rays emit very little radiation, making them extremely safe. They are also painless, quick, and require not preparation. This first line of screening allows doctors to determine if more testing is needed without exposing patients to the stress of more intensive imaging such as MRI or CT.

Participating Insurances

Diagnostic Imaging of Milford accepts all major and most secondary insurances. Patients are expected to bring their insurance card to the office at the time of their examination. Claims are submitted through our billing company, McKesson Corp. For questions regarding patient statements and insurance, patients may call (800) 360-4391. Fees for non-covered services and co-payments are expected at the time of your visit.

*We strongly recommend that patients call our office if their insurance carrier is not listed. Additional insurances are added frequently.

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